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Thursday, March 31, 2011


My favorite classes of all time have always been history ones. The two that top that list, however, were my travel seminar classes. In college, there was one professor who every year would take a two to two and a half week trip somewhere in the country with a small group of students. We learned on the road: at museums, battle grounds, national parks, etc. It was awesome. It's one thing to learn about a place, it's a completely different thing to learn about it while you're standing there. The two trips I had the pleasure of going on was the trip to the southwest borderlands (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) with a day trip to Mexico, where I officially met and got to know my fiance, and the second trip was the Colonial/Revolutionary War trip (Massachusetts, New York, the east coast, and DC). The two classes totaled a month over the course of my first two summers of college... and they were the greatest classes I've ever taken.

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