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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I HATE SOCKS!!!  There, I said it!!!  I hate things on my feet and I absolutely despise having socks on.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - all of those seasons I try my hardest to not wear socks.  Now, if I am forced to wear socks I like toe socks - they make my feet look cool even if you can't see my nice and painted toe nails.

I despise nylons, they make my legs hurt and are so constrictive or just the opposite they fall down and annoy my ankles - at the end of the day - nylons sucks!

Then there are regular socks - if I have to wear socks because I have tennis shoes on I only will wear white socks that barely show above the shoe.  I really hate the socks you have to fold over - they again annoy my ankles.

Slipper socks are okay, and only recently have I allowed myself to wear them because I can't walk around the nursing home in bare feet - gross!

So, bottom line is I hate socks, I hate things touching my feet.  I like to paint my own toes and show them off and if I could go year round (it will never happen in Cleveland) without wearing socks I would!

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