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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Seconds

30 seconds. Half a minute. Such a short amount of time that can seem so long.....

My initial response was that there was so much I'd want to save, but as long as my family was safe nothing would matter. Then, like Stephanie, I thought grab the laptop! So much information, pictures, etc could be saved.

Then it hit me. My purse. Why? My e-reader, my cell phone, my iPod, wallet, and (most important of all if the house is on fire!) my car keys are ALWAYS in there! We could make sure we drive off to safety, call the fire dept, have money and access to our bank account, call people and let them know we're ok.

So there it is, final answer. And I realize after telling you all this, I have waaaaay too much crap in my purse! I think I should go clean it out now!

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