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Saturday, March 19, 2011


My routine is so messed up - I am pretty sure I don't have one anymore.  In all reality I think my routine is based on where I am living and what I am doing.  When I worked full time it was one way and now that I don't work and do most things from home it is another.  My routine is different now than when I lived on my own and right now being in a nursing home it is even more skewed.

Routine to me is getting things accomplished when they need to be accomplished.  Like getting the kids out the door for school in the morning and doing my morning postings for ClevelandMommies.  My routine is soon to change though and I think it will go something like this:

  • Wake Up
  • If Sammie is over get her out the door to school
  • Do exercises (alternate days - some strength training and some cardio)
  • Shower
  • Do postings for ClevelandMommies and One-Minute-Blogger
  • Clean a portion of the house
  • Check TMN & CM to make sure all is running smoothly
  • Get dinner started
  • Study and get the school stuff out of the way
  • Do homework with Sammie if she is over
  • Eat dinner
  • Do something that is good for brain stimulation or an art/craft project
  • Watch TV
  • Bedtime

Now, all of this is subject to the moon and the stars aligning correctly and not having doctor appointments or meetings or something else going on elsewhere.

So, when it comes to routine - I hope to have one and if not - that is okay with me as well.

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