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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Seconds

If I had only 30 seconds, I'd have to grab the things closest at hand that were most important. At this current point in time, it would be my laptop, my cd case that has cds and dvds of pictures from at least the past 6 years (maybe even further back), the wedding album my mom got for me to use for my wedding, and my wedding binder.

I'm not going to lie, I'd be pretty lost without my laptop. It has stuff on it still from when I was in high school. Not to mention all my current files for school, and law school research and wedding research. All of that would be melted.

The pictures I cannot live without. I have probably close to 10 scrapbooks around the house, but those (for the most part) can be recreated. I would hope someone would grab the ones with the pictures that aren't digitally saved as well, but there are other people who have copies of them so they wouldn't be completely lost.

The wedding album my mom got me was purchased before I was engaged, but after my fiance asked my parents for their blessing. She bought it for me because her mother had done the same thing for her and she wanted to continue a tradition. It has some stuff in it already that I would cry if I lost, so I'd have to grab that on the way out the window.

The wedding binder itself isn't really that important, but the information it currently contains is. Even though I'm rather early into the planning, it would completely suck to have to redo all of the hours that have already been put into that binder. Research on everything, the guest list that has been reworked about six times already, budget lists, etc. That's a lot of work that would go to waste and have to be redone. Which would be awful.

Needless to say, my hands would be full, so I'm glad I live on the first floor.

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