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Saturday, March 19, 2011


My routine? Get up, drop off the kids, go to work, pick up the kids, have dinner, go to bed – rinse, repeat.

Okay obviously there’s a bit more to it than that, but a lot of times it feels like that is all I do.  It feels like I’m caught in a cycle.  We manage to squeeze in a lot more than that, and I sometimes seriously wonder how we find the time. 

We actually have two sets of routines.  My husband is gone half the time for work, and when he is it more or less leaves me with the above routine.  In between getting up and dropping the kids off, it’s a mad dash/free for all to get out the door and not miss the school bus.  Yes, every morning.  The girls and I are NOT morning people. 

Thankfully my husband is, so when he’s home he really helps get everyone out the door.  He helps the girls get dressed and ready.  He drives them to school.  He picks them up.  He makes my life so much easier.

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