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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As a kid, I thought "Sharing" was a bad word. In my mind it was up there with all those 4 letter unmentionables. MINE! That was a good word.Sharing divided and diluted. Now, I'm an adult and sharing isn't so awful...most of the time. But my Cadbury eggs and Malley's Chocolate dark chocolate mallow bark? Nooooo way! I revert instantly to childhood screaming, "MINE MINE MINE!" At least mentally I do. How silly would I look doing that out loud!

But sharing now is different, it's not "stuff" anymore. It's thoughts, opinions, friends, food, time, love, books, ideas. Those are things I love to share.

My favorite time of day is dinner time. The prep part. Each of my kids has a job. Little things I have them do, not because I need help, but because I want to share that time. Share their day, hear their thoughts. Then after dinner we have reading time. Tim is 5 and likes to read "our" book. "My Mommy Hung the Moon" by Jamie Lee Curtis. He says I'm that mommy. We each read a page and giggle. Stephen reads to me from whatever book we have together. Right now we're reading "1001 Arabian Nights".

Sharing is about the connection. Shared recipes make me think of the person who gave it to me and allowed me to share with my family. Shared friends allows my adopted family to grow. Shared ideas and opinions allow both parties to grow and learn. Shared dinners allow me to say I love you to the people I cook for...

So, I guess, as an adult, sharing isn't so bad, right? But, still, hands off my chocolate!

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  1. LOL, I am the same way with my chocolate, however if you do want to show me some love, send me some of that good stuff and I will love you long time!