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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Social Media

My first experience with social media was not a good one. I got a myspace while in high school, and my dad ultimately found it. He was very displeased. Not because of the content... I had it locked down. It was more the fact that I had a myspace (this was back when everyone was so concerned about the dangers of myspace)... so I was grounded for a month. About a year later, I got a myspace again... same thing happened. So I for a while I ignored social media.

Then came Facebook. I've had one since high school. I don't know how to function without it. It keeps track of birthdays, friends, pictures, everything.

However, I hate twitter and foursquare. I don't see the point in having a separate place just to post my statuses... any status I feel necessary to post can go on Facebook. And foursquare? That just makes me nervous. I don't want people knowing where I am at all times... it just seems like it could be an extremely dangerous site...

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