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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Growing up, Sunday was typically a crazy day. We would start off with church, and then more often than not, it would be followed by a two hour drive to either my mom's parents' or my dad's parents' for some type of family get together... that was before we started merging events (birthdays that were close together, mixing birthdays in with holidays, etc).

Now that I'm older, the Sunday trip to the grandparents' house is less frequent... closer to once every month or so. Which is good and bad - less time in the car, but less time spent growing up with my cousins. I always loved growing up with them... cousins are your first friends, and the ones you're sort of stuck with for life in most cases. The trips to church also stopped while I was away at college... when I go home, I still go with my parents, and in the summer I run the nursery at my church, but at school... Sunday is my only day to sleep in. And even if it wasn't, the nearest church is not in the amount of distance I am willing to walk in dress shoes.

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