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Friday, March 18, 2011


Well i didn't get into sports much until I was in high school. As a sophmore, I dabbled in softball and was a cheerleader (only to prove that you dont need experience to be a cheerleader). My junior and senior year I dedicated myself to volleyball. And that was my true calling. I loved that game. I even join a travel team to keep up with playing while off season from school.
I was so dedicated to the game I was going to try out for a college team. I even was asked by the coach to come practice with the team while before I started my first semester in college.
But I didn't get that chance, I ended up getting pregnant with my oldest daughter. But it doesnt matter. I love my family.
Now sports I watch, love baseball,softball, and volleyball. My fav baseball team is the Yankees (I married a Red Sox fan) Can you say interesting baseball season! :)

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  1. It is the same in my household, but it is basketball. I am a Tarheels fan and my husband is a Duke fan. Basketball season can make for a interesting time in our household.