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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Diet and Exercise

I would say that exercise if pretty important, I want to keep moving. But I don't like the word DIET. I would rather watch my portion sizes and eat healthy, then go on a diet. I admit, though, that ever since I got pregnant with my 11 year old, I have been struggling with weight. I was a size 9 before getting pregnant with him! I did lose some in between him and my daughter (about 30lbs but not quite enough to fit back into my skinny shorts lol) but I come from a long line of bad metabolism!

I am currently trying the HCG diet and so far I have lost 23lbs since January, but I could do a lot better!!! Now that I have my car back, I can get out with the kids more...and when it warms up the playground will be our new home!

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