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Saturday, March 19, 2011


We do our best to stick to a routine. I get up at 4:45 each morning. I turn on the news, try and get myself functioning. I HATE morning. It takes awhile for me to communicate in coherent sentences and not grunts. Kiddos are out of bed by 6:30. They get up put clothes on, eat breakfast, pack lunches, bookbags are packed, put by the door. My husband gets up, dressed, packs his lunch and is out the door by 7:30 to get the kids to school. I'm off to work by 8:00.

When I get HOME it's dinner, family reading time,jammie time, Stephen makes sandwiches at 7:30 when Tim brushes his teeth. Tim is off to bed by 8:00 and I head down to work out most nights. Stephen is off to bed at 8:30. Steve and I sit down to watch a TV show or movie when I'm done with my workout and shower (9:30ish). Sometimes I get the fantastic idea to make tomorrow night's dinner (if it's one that takes awhile to cook) and save myself some time the next night. Crazy. I know! Then by 11:30 or so I am ready to just drop. Day has been lived to the fullest and soon it will be time to do it allllll over!

Weekends are just freebies. We stay up late, sleep in, do whatever we want. Take Stephen to play practice...Do not fun stuff like laundry, cleaning but it all has to get done, right?

Anyhow, right or wrong, it works for us...usually. :-)

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