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Friday, March 18, 2011


I have always loved to be active! I played soccer in school and have always loved to explore other sports.
I dated a guy in college who played Lacrosse, and so I got a taste of that for a little, I am secretly hoping that one of my kids joins a lacrosse team!!!!

Hockey has always been something I love to watch, more in person then on TV. I love going to the rink and watching the action. My oldest, 11, played hockey for a season when he was 4. I was hoping he would stick with it, but it just was not for him. He still loves to skate :)

Both my older kids played soccer at some point in their lives. My daughter wants to get back into it, so I may need to start looking for a fall program for her. My oldest has also taken karate, which I really would love for him to take again!

I love sports, but I like to watch them in person or participate in them, instead of watching on TV. Just does not seem the same to me!!

Hopefully, one of my kids will play sports for more then one season!

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