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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Seconds

30 seconds can be a lifetime when you are waiting for something or someone, but in an instance like a fire, it can feel more like 1 second. As long as I knew my family was ok, including the dogs and cats, I would grab a few things on my desk. My computer, memory cards and a disk as well as a box would be the things I would snatch up as quick as I could.

You may think that grabbing my computer is silly, but it has so many family pictures on it, just like the memory cards and CD. I know that these memories can never be erased from my mind, but looking back at the pictures helps to remind me of the wonderful times we have had and places we have seen. They remind me of how fast my children are growing and how I need to take a step back sometimes and think of how far we have come. Our family photos, to me, are priceless!

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