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Friday, March 18, 2011


I grew up in Strongsville, Ohio which is a small suburb of Cleveland.  I remember playing soccer as young as five or six and played all the way until I was in high school.  I also enjoyed playing volleyball, but wasn't into it as much as I was into soccer.  It was like the sport of the decade.  We had the Force in Cleveland and they were great ~ I remember everyone wanting to be like Otto Orf,

Fortunately for me I had a dad who was and still is very into sports.   He got me into loving football, I used to be able to name all the NFL teams and their quarterbacks and coaches.  I was never a huge fan of baseball, but on occasion you would catch me at a game.

My dad also loved golf and basketball - long gone are the days of Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, but I have been to my share of golf matches and really do enjoy the sport.  Then there is basketball....I do enjoy watching it, but playing it was never my thing.  I did enjoy playing it with the Serbian National Federation and going away a couple of times, but more importantly I enjoyed spending time with friends and seeing new places.

Overall I am a sports lover and still enjoy being active and playing.  If I had to tell you my favorite teams they would be the OSU Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Blackhawks, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Lake Erie Monsters.

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