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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Ahead

YUP. Watching baseball.  Spring training ball. I start counting the days till pitchers and catchers report (right around Valentine's Day!) as soon as the last game of the World Series is played. Just the sounds of the game mean spring to me.

The kids are outside playing, football, baseball, doesn't matter. All the neighborhood kids find each other and there's something each night.

It means Spring cleaning (which I HATE with a passion but I'm always pleased when it's done!), changing of the wardrobes from winter things and school uniforms to summer shorts and flip flops.
And shoes. Oh the shoes. I love my summer shoes. :-) There's always an expectancy about spring, like something is coming and you just can't wait! And THAT (as well as a brief mourning period for the hour of sleep I lost) is what I think about when we spring forward.

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