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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Ahead

When I think of "Springing Ahead" I think about getting closer to the time that my daughter and I will be able to be by the pool.  I also think about getting a fresh start.  There are a ton of things that start in Spring that are just wonderful.

You have March Madness - how great is it to watch 64 teams play basketball and it all ends up with the final two to see who will be the champion - total sign of Spring - right?

There is baseball - I won't talk a lot about it, because I am not the fan of it like Amy is.  However I do know that here in Cleveland you know it is Spring when the season opener happens.  You just need to be careful that it doesn't snow!

Lastly, for me, there is Lent - it is kind of a preparation for Easter (the resurrection of Christ) so to me that means being reborn and that relates to the topic as well.

All of these things mean to Spring Ahead for me.  I look forward to Springing Ahead with this great group of people and starting a great new blog!

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  1. Your Spring Ahead is so much more cheerful than mine...