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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sharing is hard, there is so much that goes on in my life that is complicated and insanely crazy, I am guessing you do not really want to know about it.  However I do like sharing about the fun stuff in my life, so I am going to try and stick with that!

I don't think that anyone would guess that I am really a creative and artsy person.  I love to do crafts and make cute things for others.  I also love to scrapbook, read, write, cook and bake.  Those are just some things that I really enjoy doing and don't think that if you met me initially you would guess those things.

I also don't think that people would know that I am a chocolate lover if you first met me, but guess what - I am!  I love chocolate in any shape or form!

So, there is a little bit about me that I didn't think that you already knew!

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