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Monday, April 18, 2011

Scaredy cat

Water. I am scared of water. Not rain, not pretty little babbling brooks, not a shower for crying out loud but oceans, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools. I'm ok with the little kiddie ones, though. I cannot swim, I do not own a bathing suit. I hate the idea of being out on a boat, I get sweaty palms and panic when I have to drive over large bridges and fear some sort of freak earthquake is going to hit the moment I drive over it and I will plummet to my death in the icy cold water. It is always icy cold water, even on the days it's 105 degrees. Not rational in any way shape or form but phobias rarely are

Then there's the fear of heights. (This of course compounds the whole fear of plummeting to my death while driving over a bridge) I don't even like the escalator at the mall. Oh, and those glass walled elevators? WHO in the heck thought of those? WHY do I want to see how high up I am?

Also not a real fan of creepy crawly bugs, spiders, snakes, etc. I think they're gross.

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