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Monday, April 25, 2011

Free post-top 5

Top 5 (thank you Jody for your tweet..the idea was inspirational)
The top 5 famous actors I'd like to be stuck in an elevator with..umm Ok stuck ANYWHERE. And no, I do not mean all at the same time!
5. Nathan Fillion-he's hot, he's funny, but he's #5 ONLY because he's Jody's and all I could do would be admire him and talk about Jody. SIGH!

4. Christian Kane-He can sing, he can act, he can cook, he's just a bad@$$- does all his own stunts, and my gosh just look at him! Then, wipe the drool. Oh, and he loves his momma.

3. David Boreanaz-This one is just one of those sigh and look at him really, look. I'm sure there's more, but I looked and forgot where I was going with this. Still looking. And drooling.

2. Timothy Hutton- I have had such a crush on him since I first saw him in TAPS when I was younger. Gosh, he still looks good! Really really good. And he is such a great actor and director (Directed Christian Kane's video for The House Rules and it's really cool!) LOVE him! Anyone seen Serious Moonlight? I might pull a Meg Ryan and duct tape him to a chair too! LOL!

1. Adam Baldwin-This guy is the entire package and then some. He's smart, he's funny, just a big bad@$$ (yeah another one) on screen, has the sexiest voice. He's just hot! Definitely worthy of my top spot.

Ok enough of that. I know, I'm not right!

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