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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alone time?????

So I saw the title of this and was trying to figure out what it was...I was going to say the times I get to go to the bathroom, but even then I usually have an audience!!! :)

Ok sometimes I get out with out them...on the rare occasion that I do get alone time, I like to go to bookstores, or walk around the mall, or just go for a drive (you know, so I can listen to what I want, and not 100 Toddler Songs! :)

Of course when I DO get out for even 3 hours, I usually get the "when are you going tobe back" texts, so it is not always a relaxing time! :)

I think I like my alone/quiet time because I am an only child. So I got to shut my door and just chill whenever I wanted to!

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