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Monday, April 25, 2011


I love books. I'm kind of an addict. There. I've confessed. Isn't that like step 1 or something?
I like to read all sorts of things. I'm weird that way. I like to read more than one book at one time. Right now I'm reading Me Talk Pretty One Day which is our book club's book this month. Also reading Cutting for Stone, I have an interesting book on the merits of sabermetrics, and one called Pirate Coast about Jefferson's naval attack on Tripoli. So you see my tastes really run the gamut....

My husband works for the library so if books are my drug of choice if you will, he is my dealer! I order books and magically in a day or 2 they show up on my dining room table. And I always have to have books in reserve. I can't be without my "next book". I also have to finish a book. Even if I am HATING it! I have to read to completion (I'm like that with movies too).

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